Who We Are


Our Story

SignStudio roots begins way back in the 1960's.

When Karnataka was just an upcoming commercial and trading hub, Artist Late Shri Ramachandra Ratan with his finer skills used brushes and colors to add life to upcoming businesses in and around North Karnataka. The painted signboards were created artistically.

Years passed, and Shri Ramachandra's name became famous across the length and breadth of North Karnataka.

His love and dedication towards art were later inherited by his grandson Mr. Sainath Ratan. Sainath is a resourceful person who knew from his childhood that when talent meets dedication, success is sure to follow. Sainath started absorbing the abundance of business knowledge exposed to and then thought of starting his own venture.

In his experience as an employee, Sainath learned that the most popular form of advertisement for a business is by having attractive signboards. With this idea of designing and advertising, he firmly set in his mind to continue the rich legacy inherited from his grandfather.

He set out to set up Sign studio in 2011. Now Sign Studio is recognised as one of the best in the signage maker and manufacturer business all over Karnataka. Sign Studio executes signage projects from design to installation and after sales support with its network and support staff.

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Our main Advantages


When choosing a signage design, we always make sure it is futuristic, versatile, accommodating, and shares your creative desire for a differently crafted product.


The signage you use to advertise your business and strengthen your brand should be planned to be memorable and effective at targeting your key demographics.


We provide quality installation for signage and pay attention to every detail in your project from start to finish such as placement, lighting, maintenance angles etc.